These 15 Hygiene Habits We Need To Forget

Why These 15 Hygiene Habits We Need To Forget

3. Brushing Teeth After A Meal

You may think the more times you brush your teeth the better, but you would be wrong. If you’ve eaten food with critic acid, it is important to wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth. During this time, your saliva will naturally neutralize acids from the food. Brushing after the meal will actually damage your tooth enamel much more than not brushing at all.

4. Using Air Dryers For Your Hands

Much like tooth brushing, you may think that washing your hands often is the safest practice, but not if you’re making this crucial mistake. Electric air dryers that we use after washing our hands are breeding grounds for bacteria, dispersing these germs back onto your freshly-washed hands. Utilize paper towels for a safe and sanitary hand washing experience.

5. Using Hand Sanitizer

Antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers contain harmful chemicals that are known to be cancerous. They utilize triclosan for use in place of soap and water in a bind but can be detrimental to your health. Always wash your hands with regular soap instead when possible.

6. Bubble Baths

With the growing popularity of bath bombs and other luxurious soaps meant for relaxation, it’s hard to believe that these products aren’t the best for our health. Soaking in these products can be dangerous and lead to skin problems and even infections due to the scented ingredients, which can mess up your natural pH balance.

7. Taking Long, Hot Showers

Much like bubble baths, you may look forward to a long, extremely hot shower at the end of the day. But utilizing hot water in your shower is actually a bad hygiene practice. Too much of this and you could end up stripping your natural protective oils from your skin, and even end up slowing down your metabolism.

8. Daily Hair Washing

Much like using too much moisturizer, using too much shampoo and conditioner can be detrimental to the health of your hair. Washing your hair daily will end up stripping the natural oils from your hair, actually leaving it more oily and dry than it was previously, making you want to wash it even more and starting a vicious cycle. A better hygiene practice is to allow your hair to keep its natural oils by skipping a few washes weekly.

9. Using Perfume Directly On The Skin

Many of us were taught to spray perfume on our wrists or neck, but this can actually be harmful. These substances can contain toxins such as acetone, or even formaldehyde, many of which are known carcinogens. Too much of these chemicals can actually accumulate in your body and be hazardous to your health. It’s a better practice to spray perfume onto articles of clothing, but skip spraying onto your underwear, as you could end up with an infection.

10. Relaxing Hands On Your Face

Have you noticed unexplained acne or even infections on your skin? It’s probably because you’re resting your hands on your face without noticing. This bad habit could be to blame for many of your skin problems, as our hands are a breeding-ground for bacteria. It’s also an even better hygiene practice to make sure you have clean hands before applying makeup or moisturizer to the face.

11. Not Replacing Your Loofah

Even if you think your old loofah looks clean, it’s not. These products are amazing at hiding buildup of mold and other types of bacteria, which can cause skin irritation or even infections. You should be replacing yours around four times a year to ensure safety. You might love to exfoliate with this product, but using a bath sponge made out of natural materials can ensure your safety when washing.

12. Not Cleaning Your Devices

How many times a day do you pick up your phone? It’s probably more than you can count, so why don’t we clean them more often? Even when we are washing our hands regularly, we are still putting our hands on our dirty devices right afterward. Cellphones can be dirtier than toilet seats because of the frequency we use them. Cleaning your devices with wipes regularly cuts down on this bacteria.

13. Sweating, Then Washing Your Face

Although it may feel amazing to splash your face with some cold water after a workout or being outside on a hot day, it is actually a hygiene mistake. After you sweat, it’s important to remember to use more than water. Cleanse your skin with a gentle facewash instead to reduce bacteria.

14. Your Bad Flossing Habits

You may think that if you’re flossing, you’re automatically doing it correctly. Most people glide floss in between the teeth and remove it. You should actually be flossing in between your teeth, and also softly on the top of each tooth as well. Take extra caution not to prick your gums, or you’ll start bleeding.

15. Using Cotton Pillowcases

Growing up, you probably used cotton pillowcases. As we all know, cotton is absorbent, which can be detrimental to the health of your hair and skin. Sleeping on these is a little outdated, as many people have begun to exchange them for silk pillowcases instead. The smoothness of the silk against your skin helps prevent wrinkles and is more gentle for your hair. Lifestyle India, India, Indian Style, Lifestyle UK, Lifestyle Canada, Weird, Facts, Cool Stuff, List Worthy, Bucket Lists, Health Care India, Public Health, Health Care, Holistic Medicine, Holistic Health, Scientific Research, Science Education, Education, India, Lifestyle Australia

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